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What are Instant Rebates?

Point-of-sale instant rebates are incentives to help customers purchase high-efficiency commercial foodservice equipment. Instant Rebates are offered to eligible customers by participating dealers as a discount on their sales invoice. Unlike with traditional rebate programs, customers don’t have to wait or submit paperwork to receive a rebate. With an instant rebate – customers get their rebate when they make their purchase – and participating dealers are reimbursed for the rebate amount plus a sales spiff in about two weeks.

Why Should I Become a Participating Dealer?

Participating Dealers are able to offer customers instant rebates when making eligible equipment sales. You’ll increase your sales of high-efficiency equipment and earn dealer incentives while helping your customers save.

Only Participating Dealers can offer Instant Rebates! – it’s easy to enroll and gives you a competitive advantage over non-particpating dealers.

The Benefits of Participating

  • Instant rebates at the point-of-sale can increase your sales of high-margin, energy-efficient equipment.
  • Offering instant rebates is a value-add that increases customer satisfaction and retention .
  • You’ll receive a sales spiff for each eligible high-efficiency unit that goes through an instant rebate program.
  • Sales spiff and full rebate reimbursement are paid within an average of two weeks from application approval.
  • The streamlined online tool makes it easy to submit reimbursement applications individually or in a batch format and to track payments.

How It Works

Contact us to enroll in a program near you.  It’s easy and we’ll help you get started.  Once you’re enrolled, it’s simple to participate:


Offer your customers Instant Rebates as a discount on your sales invoice


Use our convenient online platform to easily submit an application for reimbursement of the rebate amount plus a spiff


Rebate and spiff payments are paid within two weeks of application approval

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a utility sponsored rebate program?

Utilities and energy efficiency program administrators invest in energy efficiency rebate programs to help their customers reduce their energy consumption, which reduces the need for infrastructure investments on the grid. The sponsors of these programs pay incentives to drive their customers to purchase equipment that uses less energy than the average model found on the market.

What is different about Instant Rebates?

Instant Rebates provide the energy efficiency incentives directly on the customer’s invoice as a line-item discount. The customer doesn’t have to wait for a rebate check to arrive in the mail after they have installed their equipment. Instant Rebates allow customers to more easily factor the rebate into their purchasing decision.

What kinds of equipment are rebates available for?

Utility rebate programs often cover a wide variety of different technologies, so check your local utility’s website for complete listings. These Instant Rebate programs cover commercial foodservice equipment. Instant Rebates are offered for natural gas and electric cooking equipment, including dishwashers, fryers, many types of ovens, refrigeration, ice machines, holding cabinets, and more. Check the Programs page for more details on specific territories.

What is high-efficiency equipment and what are the benefits?

High-efficiency equipment is often recognized by voluntary rating systems such as ENERGY STAR®, which set efficiency requirements along with performance requirements, so you know you won’t be sacrificing on performance for the sake of efficiency. This equipment is often manufactured with higher quality components that reduce energy consumption by between 10% and 70% annually compared to a standard model found in the market without the Energy Star certification.

Who is eligible for Instant Rebates?

Non-residential natural gas and/or electric customers of the utility and energy efficiency program administrators of the programs may qualify for rebates. Customers must purchase their equipment from a participating dealer in order to receive the Instant Rebate. See the Programs page for more information on customer eligibility. You can also use our zip code look-up tool on the Programs page to input your project site’s zip code to determine if it is within an eligible program territory.

What is a participating dealer?

A participating dealer is a supplier of commercial foodservice equipment who sells to customers of participating utility and energy efficiency sponsors of Instant Rebates programs. Participating dealers must enroll by completing a participation agreement form and receiving a program training from the Energy Solutions team. Once enrolled, participating dealers can begin offering eligible customers Instant Rebates directly on their customers’ invoices and submitting reimbursement applications to Energy Solutions.

What are the benefits of being a participating dealer?

Over 150 participating dealers across the country have utilized instant rebates programs to help their customers access high-quality, energy-efficient commercial foodservice equipment. Participating dealers consistently cite the streamlined rebate process and their satisfied customers as the primary benefits of participation.

How do I enroll?

Click here to fill out the enrollment email form and a member of the Energy Solutions team will reach out with more information.

Why don’t I see rebates in my areas?

Rebate availability varies by territory and new locations are frequently being added. If you don’t see your territory covered, check back as new territories are added regularly.

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