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For more than 25 years Energy Solutions has provided cost-effective, market-driven solutions that deliver reliable, large-scale impacts. We implement more midstream and upstream programs in North America than any other company, which gives us access to valuable insights across HVAC, foodservice, water heating, pumps, lighting, and life sciences technologies. Our program success is fueled by our relationships with the market, allowing us to closely monitor supply chain impacts to keep our readers informed.

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New Kitchens Feed a Community

A project to upgrade the school kitchens in Springfield, MA served up more than nutritious food for hungry students. Through the 2021 American Rescue Plan, the Springfield School District received funding to invest in their facilities. With 67 schools serving nearly 26,000 students, many of whom live below the poverty level, the school administrators decided to update school kitchens. By investing in their kitchens, the district purchased the necessary equipment to serve their students better food, more easily and affordably. Springfield educators know that their kids learn better when they are well fed. The district was the first in the Commonwealth to institute a universal breakfast in the classroom model which cut down on hunger visits to the nurse and improved time on learning. 

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Building an Equitable Future

Building Codes can be a powerful tool to deliver an equitable energy future and achieve statewide climate goals. Improving energy efficiency through building codes can provide low-to-moderate income communities with higher health and safety standards, such as thermal control and improved air quality, as well as better resilience against extreme weather. But it will require rethinking cost-effectiveness to include non-energy benefits in the value equation. In addition to rethinking the value equation, this paper concludes that it is imperative to include representatives from impacted low-to-moderate income communities in the decision-making process. This paper examines current building code practices and offers suggestions on how we can move forward to ensure that a clean energy future is available to all.

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Automated Demand Response:

How the California ADR Program Can Address Changing Grid Needs

The California Joint Investor Owned Utilities commissioned a study to recommend a new approach for ADR incentives. The study explored four research categories: market, historic, technical, and exploratory. Read more to see the results of the studies in each category and an updated ADR incentive structure.

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NYSERDA Transformative Wave Catalyst Deployment

Transformative Wave’s CATALYST retrofit kit has been proven to reduce commercial and industrial customers’ HVAC energy use by 25% to 50% on its own. In addition, CATALYST also significantly improves indoor comfort, especially in buildings such as fast-food restaurants that have space pressure and air quality concerns. The full system, when paired with Transformative Wave’s eIQ’s alert system, can save a building owner a significant amount of time and money on repairs by identifying potential problems before a unit experiences a catastrophic failure.

For a comprehensive look at the findings of this deployment and utility recommendations.

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How Forward-Looking Product Specifications, Strategic Engagement

and Competition Drive Adoption of Best -in-Class Technologies

In 2010, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Company sponsored the launch of the LED Accelerator Program (LEDA), a market development program that promotes the highest performing and best quality LED lighting products. Using tiered incentives and engaging strategically with the market, LEDA leverages the buying power of large commercial customers to stimulate manufacturers to produce and sell best-in-class LED products. At the same time, LEDA builds the capacity of the supply chain to accelerate adoption beyond the program’s direct reach. LEDA’s market development strategy helped develop a competitive market for best-inclass LED lighting technologies.

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Energy Efficiency and Automated Demand Response Program

Integration: Time for a Paradigm Shift

Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM) refers to the concept of integrating demand side (DSM) resources such as energy efficiency (EE), energy conservation, demand response (DR), advanced metering, and distributed energy resources such as renewables, distributed generation (DG), and storage. IDSM utility programs promote at least two of these resources instead of traditional utility programs which focus on only one resource at a time, which results in many missed opportunities for greater energy management.

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Commercial Market Roundtable:  Priming the Pump

In this edition of our Commercial Market Roundtables we sat down with Mark Chaffee, VP Governmental Affairs and C&I Product Management at Taco, Tom Cooper, Sales Engineer at Emerson Swan, and Peter Gaydon, Director of Technical Affairs at Hydraulic Institute. We talked about the Pump Energy Index standard, heard about high-potential pumps measures, learned how pumps are moved through the market, and discussed key considerations for pump midstream program design and implementation.



Commercial Market Roundtable:  Lifesciences Edition

The race to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine is on, and energy-efficient lab grade equipment has a huge role to play. In this edition of our Commercial Market Roundtable series, we talked with Steve Miller, Energy Efficiency consultant at Eversource, Mark Brassard of PHCbi and Joe LaPorte, Distributor of PHCbi product and heard from the front lines how the market is responding to the vaccine drive. Learn about how incentive programs can support this life-saving effort and capture immediate portfolio savings.



Commercial Market Roundtable: Foodservice Edition

It’s no secret that the foodservice industry has been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and utilities have felt the effects. But savings opportunities are out there, and we talked with four of the top companies in the industry.

In the first edition of our Commercial Market Roundtable series we met with Meghan Hurst from ITW / Vulcan, Suzanne Supplee from Turbo Air, Matt Raia from Restaurant Depot and Mark Brassard from Stirling UltraCold to get an inside view of how businesses are responding to the biggest crisis we’ve faced in our lifetimes and learned about some surprising opportunities for utility incentive programs.

TECH Clean California receives $145 million to expand decarbonization efforts

California Energy Trailer Bill continues the state’s commitment to heat pump installations.

Oakland, CA (September 27, 2022) In late August, the state of California passed the California Energy Trailer Bill that will direct an additional $145 million to TECH Clean California over the next two years. The funding will be used to continue the statewide initiative aimed at accelerating the adoption of clean space and water heating technology in California homes to help California meet its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2045.

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Illinois Shines Opens for 2022-2023 Program Year, Re-Opens for Applications 

 Newest phase of Program greatly expands availability of renewable energy incentives, implements Climate and Equitable Jobs Act targets 

Chicago, IL, September 1, 2022 – Illinois Shines (also known as the Adjustable Block Program) opened today for the 2022-2023 Program Year to expand statewide solar access by resuming acceptance of both new solar project applications and Approved Vendor registrations. The Program, a state-administered incentive program implemented by the Illinois Power Agency (IPA), supports the development of new distributed generation and community solar projects across Illinois. 

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CalNEXT Offers Resources and Expertise to Energize Emission Reduction Programs

A statewide initiative will provide resources and support projects and ideas to help achieve California’s climate goals. CalNEXT presents a great opportunity to energize ideas and create big results.

Oakland, CA (July 7, 2022) – Building off previous successes, a new statewide initiative to help identify, resource, test, and grow emerging electric energy technologies is looking for new ideas and projects that will help advance California’s mission to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. The initiative, called CalNEXT, is a six-year program that will support and implement 170 projects. The program will focus on technologies and delivery mechanisms that have the potential to make major impacts to the investor-owned utility (IOU) energy efficiency portfolios while supporting California’s decarbonized future…

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Energy Solutions welcomes Angela Rodriguez as Chief Financial Officer

Oakland, CA (July 11, 2022) – Energy Solutions, an Oakland-based clean energy consulting firm, announced today the appointment of Angela Rodriguez as Chief Financial Officer.

Angela joins Energy Solutions as a seasoned finance professional who has influenced $10B in revenue for national and international high-growth firms such as Eco-Energy, UGI Corporation, Superior Group, Certainteed Corporation, and Yuasa-Exide. As CFO at Eco-Energy, a low-carbon energy solutions company, she positioned the business to thrive during aggressive growth and doubled net earnings in two years. At UGI Energy Services, a midstream service provider of natural gas, liquid fuels, electricity, and renewable energy where she also served as CFO, Angela oversaw the growth of the company from $650 million in revenue to over $1.3 billion. Angela has led teams in finance, corporate accounting, treasury, tax, risk management, safety, information systems, human resources, and administrative operations…

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