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Automated Demand Response: How the California ADR Program Can Address Changing Grid Needs

The California Joint Investor Owned Utilities commissioned a study to recommend a new approach for ADR incentives. The study explored four research categories: market, historic, technical, and exploratory. Results of the studies in each category and an updated ADR incentive structure are presented in this report.

NYSERDA Transformative Wave Catalyst Deployment

Transformative Wave’s CATALYST retrofit kit has been proven to reduce commercial and industrial customers’ HVAC energy use by 25% to 50% on its own. In addition, CATALYST also significantly improves indoor comfort, especially in buildings such as fast-food restaurants that have space pressure and air quality concerns. The full system, when paired with Transformative Wave’s eIQ’s alert system, can save a building owner a significant amount of time and money on repairs by identifying potential problems before a unit experiences a catastrophic failure.

For a comprehensive look at the findings of this deployment and utility recommendations, view our 2019 final report here. 

How Forward-Looking Product Specifications, Strategic Engagement and Competition Drive Adoption of Best -in-Class Technologies

In 2010, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Company sponsored the launch of the LED
Accelerator Program (LEDA), a market development program that promotes the highest performing and best quality LED lighting products. Using tiered incentives and engaging strategically with the market, LEDA leverages the buying power of large commercial customers to stimulate manufacturers to produce and sell best-in-class LED products. At the same time, LEDA builds the capacity of the supply chain to accelerate adoption beyond the program’s direct reach. LEDA’s market development strategy helped develop a competitive market for best-inclass LED lighting technologies. To read more, download the PDF here.

Energy Efficiency and Automated Demand Response Program Integration: Time for a Paradigm Shift

Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM) refers to the concept of integrating demand side (DSM) resources such as energy efficiency (EE), energy conservation, demand response (DR), advanced metering, and distributed energy resources such as renewables, distributed generation (DG), and storage. IDSM utility programs promote at least two of these resources instead of traditional utility programs which focus on only one resource at a time, which results in many missed opportunities for greater energy management. To read more, download the PDF here.

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