Market Development & Transformation

To achieve market transformation, the dynamics on both supply and demand sides must be reshaped. This requires a combination of interventions – technical, financial, marketing and political – to be planned and executed intentionally over time. Energy Solutions can help build out your roadmap, put it into action, supercharge your incentive programs, and track progress in market transformation.

Know the Logic

To build the market infrastructure necessary to scale adoption of key products and solutions, we start by talking to those who are successfully selling the desired solution. Armed with important insights into current market conditions, we conduct additional research, create logic models and build market plans that clearly illustrate how our strategies will move the needle.

Make a Splash

When market penetration is low, the goal is simple: scale adoption fast. We take technologies from a few installations to several hundred, across diverse use cases and customer types.

Develop the
Supply Chain

By increasing the sales and service capacity of the energy efficiency product market, we foster competitiveness that results in favorable prices for the consumer.


As product adoption increases we work with advocacy groups, ratings agencies, and governments to develop mandatory standards that favor beneficial, cost-effective products.

Build Awareness

We leverage our deep relationships across the entire supply chain to rally participation among contractors, distributors, reps, institutional buyers, ESCOs, and customers.

Track Key Metrics

Our market transformation program designs identify the key indicators of success prior to launch. Once underway, we employ advanced data collection methods to monitor, analyze, and translate metrics into effective actions.

How is Market Development Different?

Our Mission

Energy Solutions is focused on creating large-scale environmental impacts by providing cost effective carbon, energy, and water management solutions.

Our Expertise

For more than 20 years, Energy Solutions has created reliable, market-driven strategies to protect the planet. View our qualifications.


Our employee-owners are passionate about developing solutions that are good for people, the planet, and our clients’ bottom line. See our openings here.


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