Demand Management

ADR Program Design & Management

Demand response is a key factor in realizing the vision of a fully decarbonized grid. Now more than ever, customers have access to intelligent sensors and building energy controls and are participating in active load management and demand response. Our program design expertise can help you increase the amount of flexible and dispatchable demand located behind the meter, while delivering a simple and satisfying experience for your customers.​


Having the right equipment in place is just the beginning. Getting customers to enroll in a DR program is the key to unlocking the economic benefits of demand response, providing greater grid reliability for utilities and optimizing renewable power on the grid.  We can help you solve the two-pronged challenge of increasing grid-connected equipment adoption and harnessing the flexible capacity it can deliver. Our end-to-end solution supports both energy efficiency and ADR programs. From incentivizing distributors, to contractor engagement, to customer enrollment and participation—it increases energy-efficient installations in your territory and helps ensure they use power from the grid at the right time of day.

Heat Pump Water Heater Control

HPWHs have enormous potential to shift energy loads and  to support a cleaner, more reliable grid.  With our work on major statewide programs, we’re addressing barriers to HPWH adoption and providing customer-centric programs to maximize the benefits of HPWHs for both the customer and the grid.

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