Demand Management

Advanced Topics in IDSM

Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM) programs deliver greater, more cost-effective energy benefits to customers. However, these programs can be a challenge to implement due to complicated customer value propositions, tariffs, and operational barriers. Additionally, energy efficiency and DR programs are often siloed, which makes pursuing both confusing.

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Auto DR Program Administration

It’s an exciting time for active demand management and its role in the vision of a fully decarbonized grid. With the popularity and growth of smart sensors and energy controls, residential and small-medium business customers are participating in active load management and demand response more than ever before. Learn More Here

ADR Adoption Technology

The best way to get ADR Technologies onto the grid is to make it easy (even automatic) for people to participate. That’s the idea behind our Multi-channel, plug-and-play approach. Learn More Here