Codes & Standards

State, Local, and Federal Codes & Standards Advocacy

Adopting stringent appliance and building codes and standards is one of the fastest, most effective way to make large-scale energy-savings impacts. As the quantity of savings is decreasing industry wide and cost of savings is increasing, adopting effective building codes and appliance standards at the state level can be a reliable way to sustain energy savings growth.

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Appliance Standards

To improve compliance with Title 20 and DOE standards, we’ve identified key market actors across the entire distribution channel for high-savings, low-compliance measures and built educational resources, in-person trainings, webinars and online self-study materials to improve understanding and remove barriers to compliance. 

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Building Codes

For the past three code cycles, Energy Solutions has served as a lead contractor for the California utilities in updating the California Building Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part 6) and the California Green Building Standards (CALGreen). Energy Solutions is the program coordinator for all the Statewide Utility Team’s building code activities. We develop and advocate for a variety of code change proposals.

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Building Code Workforce Education & Training

Because we helped develop California’s Building Codes (Title 24), we are uniquely positioned to translate these into easy and accessible educational materials for a broad range of stakeholders – customers, contractors, builders, designers, technology providers, utility and code enforcement staff, city officials and demand response providers.

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Cross Cutting: Codes & Standards Demand Side Programs

Appliance Standards and Building Codes programs constitute the longest standing and most impactful demand side management strategies in our industry. Changing regulatory environments make it challenging to ensure that your portfolio is achieving its maximum benefit.

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Cross Cutting: Retail Data as Service (RDaaS)

Markets move quickly. Our Retail Data as a Service (RDaaS) helps our clients stay on top of evolving equipment and industry trends. Using web crawling tools to gather product price and features, RDaaS provides helpful analysis that tracks products over time, validates research findings and quickly determines incremental measure cost (IMC) and opportunity for additional unit energy savings (UES).

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Our Mission

Energy Solutions is focused on creating large-scale environmental impacts by providing cost effective, market-based carbon, energy, and water management solutions.

Our Expertise

For more than 20 years, Energy Solutions has created reliable, market-driven strategies to protect the planet. View our qualifications.


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