Clean Transportation

Take Charge: EVSE

As more consumers choose Electric Vehicles, without the right charging mechanisms, EVs can pose a serious threat to grid management. But utilities can have an enormous influence on how consumers make the switch to electric vehicles, which can be the difference between being prepared for increased demand or being overwhelmed by it. By actively supporting consumers with strategic incentives on grid-integrated  Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) for their homes, utilities can get ahead of the demand and ensure more customers choose grid-integrated charging for their homes.

EV Sales Accelerator

Our innovative EV Sales Accelerator incentive program increases the number of EV’s sold by equipping dealers with money-saving incentives that are applied at the point-of-purchase, making it easier and more affordable for customers to choose electric.  Leveraging our decades of leadership in market-based programs,  Energy Solutions is a leader in understanding market dynamics and ensuring our programs are hassle-free for dealers and easy for customers. 

Multifamily Charging

The switch to electric vehicles is gaining momentum and so is the growth in home charging equipment. But for those who live in multifamily buildings (particularly low-income housing), home charging can be out of reach. Installing Level 2 Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) can be prohibitively expensive and complicated, but there is another way. Utilities can drive clean transportation equity by making EV home charging solutions available to multifamily tenants. By actively supporting Property Managers with technical expertise and strategic incentives for smart low-power charging solutions, utilities can help solve one of the biggest barriers to EV adoption by bringing cost-effective home EV charging to under-served customers. 

Fuel Efficient Tires

The simple choice of which tires you buy can make a huge difference in the overall cost and efficiency of your car. By giving tire retailers a financial reason to stock and promote fuel efficient tires we can change the market, save money for customers, and remove CO2 emissions from our environment.  In California alone this could mean $882 million in savings and over one million metric tons of CO2 emissions avoided.

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