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Instant Rebates Programs are offered by the following utility and energy efficiency program sponsors. Click on a program to learn more about what’s available in your area.

Check Rebate Eligibility

Find out if there are rebate-eligible equipment options for your customer.

California Foodservice Instant Rebates Program

DTE Point-of-Sale Food Service Rebate Program

Duke Energy Smart Saver Midstream

Duquesne Light Instant Discount Program

Illinois Foodservice Equipment Rebates

New York Point-of-Sale Foodservice Program

Massachusetts Point-of-Sale Commercial Foodservice Rebate Initiative

New Hampshire Point-of-Sale Commercial Foodservice Rebate Initiative

Rhode Island Energy logo

Rhode Island Point-of-Sale Commercial Foodservice Rebate Initiative

PSE Foodservice Instant Rebates Program

Southwest Gas Instant Rebates! Point-of-Sale Foodservice Rebate Program

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At Energy Solutions we focus on big impacts. And we believe that creating solutions that align with the needs of the market is the most powerful way to deliver large-scale energy, carbon and water-use savings.


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