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Duquesne Light Instant Discount Program

The Duquesne Light Instant Discount Program provides point-of-sale instant rebates to customers within Duquesne Light service territory in Pennsylvania. This program offers instant rebates for qualified high-efficiency electric commercial food service equipment. To be eligible for the rebate, the purchased equipment must be installed at a non-residential site with an active Duquesne Light account. Sales are subject to on-site inspection to verify equipment installation.


Qualifying High-Efficiency EquipmentInstant Discount Program
Electric Combination Ovensx
Electric Convection Ovensx
Electric Demand Control Kitchen Ventilationx
Electric Fryersx
Electric Griddlesx
Electric Hot Food Holding Cabinetsx
Electric Steamersx
Electric Dishwashersx
Electric Freezersx
Electric Ice Machinesx
Electric Refrigeratorsx
ECMs for Coolers & Freezersx

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