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Over 20 years ago we recognized that to make significant improvements in energy efficiency nationally, we would need to help clients fundamentally shift the types of systems and appliances available in the market. We developed our upstream and midstream program designs, which work at the equipment sales and distribution level to increase the sales of high-efficiency systems.  These revolutionary programs have earned our energy clients national awards and become the industry standard.  More importantly, they have been successful enough at times to eliminate the very need for their existence.  And we haven’t stopped innovating. We are proud that others are now utilizing our strategies, but we’re also confident that no other upstream  or  midstream  program implementer can deliver the unsurpassed quality that comes from the relationships and deep trust we’ve established with manufacturers, distributers, and retailers.  We were the first, and we’re still any client’s best choice for moving towards a low-carbon future. See Our EE Solutions

Demand management

To paraphrase our founder, if we don’t reduce fossil fuel consumption, we don’t reduce local and global impacts borne by climate change.  We need to change the demand for energy.  So, we put our focus on automating building operations that can intelligently manage how and when power is used. 

Our work helps to increase the flexibility of energy demand. This extends the available demand capacity reserve on the grid, mitigates the need for new fossil plants and facilitates greater adoption of renewable generation.  We do this by supporting the development and deployment of demand management technologies. We help our clients integrate demand management with energy efficiency to maximize value for customer and utility clients.

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Codes & Standards

Our experienced team of policy and technical experts (affectionately known as wonks) are  seasoned and passionate leaders in the development, advocacy, and implementation of energy efficiency building codes  and appliance standards. Small and large utilities and local, state, and federal government energy agencies alike trust our team to deliver significant, cost effective energy and water savings to their consumers.

For over 15 years, Energy Solutions has represented our clients in various venues: in one-on-one meetings with high level government energy officials; across the negotiating table from manufacturers and trade organizations; and at the podium publicly defended proposals at public workshops. Our team has developed hundreds of publicly docketed reports supporting the adoption of 54 building code measures and 58 appliance standards at the state level, and 105 federal-level appliance standards or test procedures.

We believe that, along with voluntary programs, codes and standards  leads to complete market transformation of  more efficient  and better performing products and buildings.

We tackle: 

  • Product Efficiency with Equipment and Appliance Standards 
  • Systems Efficiency with Building Standards and Local Ordinances 
  • Lack of standardized data with Ratings Programs 
  • Lack of code compliance with Targeted Compliance Improvement. 

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We are betting big on the potential of renewables to protect our planet.  Energy Solutions manages distributed energy resources programs that reduce technology barriers and soft costs, increase market and customer information, and provides increased access for disadvantaged communities.

Our team brings decades of experience designing and administering nationally recognized and award-winning market transformation programs. Our services include a customized program management platform, best-in-class customer and client service, robust user support systems, and quality assurance and control processes. Current programs include the California Solar Initiative, Oregon Community Solar Program, California Self-Generation Incentive Program, and many others.

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The shift to electrify transportation is on, and fleet operators – including public transit authorities and last mile delivery companies such as Amazon, UPS and FedEx – are leading the way.  

We’re taking all sides on this opportunity, working with transit authorities, utilities,  fleet operators, multi-family housing, school districts, and other stakeholders to address the technical, organizational, and behavioral (we’re talking human) realities of large-scale fleet electrification.  From driver behavior and training, infrastructure installation, distributed energy resources planning, route optimization, we are at the cutting edge developing real solutions that provide the biggest benefit to everyone involved. 

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Our Mission

Energy Solutions is focused on creating large-scale environmental impacts by providing cost effective carbon, energy, and water management solutions.

Our Expertise

For more than 20 years, Energy Solutions has created reliable, market-driven strategies to protect the planet. View our qualifications.


Our employee-owners are passionate about developing solutions that are good for people, the planet, and our clients’ bottom line. See our openings here.


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