State, Local , and Federal Codes & Standards

Adopting stringent appliance and building codes and standards is one of the fastest, most effective way to make large-scale energy-savings impacts. As the quantity of savings is decreasing industry wide and cost of savings in increasing, adopting effective building codes and appliance standards at the state level can be a reliable way to sustain energy savings growth.

Our policy and technical experts can help you establish and adopt energy regulations that are technically feasible, cost-effective, result in huge savings, and have stakeholder support. Energy Solutions can help you:

  • Identify and Prioritize Topics
  • Develop Proposals and Supporting Materials
  • Influence the Administrative Rulemaking Process through Advocacy
  • Engage Stakeholders and Collaborate with Decision Makers
  • Support program reporting and evaluation

Our relationships with key government agency officials (local, state, and federal), technical support contractors, non-governmental agencies, industry associations, manufacturers, builders, designers, and gas and electric utilities staff across the country have earned us the reputation of bringing thorough, effective and impactful solutions to our building codes and appliance standards projects.

Energy Solutions specializes in bringing various stakeholders together in a collaborative process that enables innovation and the solving of complex problems. We are excited to bring our technical expertise and experience to meet the challenge of achieving local and state climate goals.

How Can Energy Solutions Help?

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