Solar & Storage Program Administration

We are low drama, high value program administrators who bring the best policy analysis, data science, program platform, implementation and user support to transform your market. If we want to realize the dream of a decarbonized grid, program administrators must be savvy, transparent, and inclusive. That’s the guiding principle behind our Solar and Storage Program Administration approach.

We bring our decades of experience designing and administering nationally recognized and award-winning market transformation programs to the world of solar administration.

We believe reliable and transparent reporting goes a long way in ensuring the success of any solar project.  The better the information, the better a program can be designed and costs can be managed – which we hope leads to a proliferation of solar projects nationwide. 

Our breadth of experience includes:

• $20 billion of project applications processed
• $20+ billion of incentives processed
• 2,000 MW solar PV
• 300 MW of battery storage

• 150,000 Dist. Gen. projects
• Millions of transactions
• 10,000 system users
• 99.99% uptime with Zero security failures
• 20+ clients

Our proprietary program management platform, FastDER, features:

  • application, enrollment, and subscriber management
  • reporting portal with flexible workflow configurations
  • utility data integration
  • a robust suite of automated validations
  • integrated reporting for program administrators and the public

We build and maintain robust systems and data infrastructure that can track program statistics, compliance with Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), and can provide the public with real-time program information. With our DG Stats website we provide all the reporting for the state of California DERs programs.

How Can Energy Solutions Help?

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Our Mission

Energy Solutions is focused on creating large-scale environmental impacts by providing cost effective, market-based carbon, energy, and water management solutions.

Our Expertise

For more than 25 years, Energy Solutions has created reliable, market-driven strategies to protect the planet. View our qualifications.


Our employee-owners are passionate about developing solutions that are good for people, the planet, and our clients’ bottom line. See our openings here.


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