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Our award-winning programs support all major end-use technologies and customer segments and are strengthened by long-standing, trusted relationships with leading market actors across all supply chains.

Our supply chain relationships are unparalleled and our programs consistently achieve 80% – 90% market participation.  Our market partners trust us and that means that new programs can start up quickly and deliver fast savings.  

Our incentive processing system is a best-in-class platform that is favored by market actors.  Our in-house IS team developed the platform customized for incentive programs with built-in flexibility to respond to sponsor requirements and market opportunities.

    HVAC and Water Heating represent not only enormous energy savings potential but can also make a major impact in building decarbonization goals. Our award-winning Distributor HVAC and Water Heater programs are powered by our deep relationships and trust with top manufacturers and more than 60 major distributors.  We design  win-win programs that make it simple (and profitable) for distributors to stock the most effective, energy-efficient products, impacting 90-98% of the volume of products sold.

    Our Instant Rebates Foodservice programs have national brand recognition that can help get programs savings on day one – expediting national dealer and restaurant chain participation. The foodservice industry operates on famously tight margins and at a breakneck pace. Dealers and customers nationwide recognize Instant Rebates Foodservice as a preferred incentive program that makes it easy and quick to reduce the upfront cost of choosing energy-efficient equipment. 

    Midstream HVAC & WH

    Instant Rebates Foodservice

    Energy Solutions is a thought leader in lighting and has provided industry research that has influenced utility programs across North America. In an evolving and maturing market, lighting programs can still deliver significant savings. Our Spotlight tool combines building, product and operational data customized to the characteristics of your market to accurately predict measure impacts and potential savings opportunities. With Spotlight, you can focus your program on the measures that have the highest savings potential in your market.

    Research, development and delivery in the biotech, pharmaceutical, healthcare and academic research sectors provide an enormous opportunity for energy savings. A midstream program providing incentives for energy-efficient ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers and other lab-grade equipment can provide rapid and cost-effective new measures to add to a savings portfolio. 

    Midstream Lighting

    Midstream Life Sciences

    Pumping systems account for a significant portion of energy demand and in some industrial operations can be responsible for up to 90% of energy usage.  Energy efficient equipment can offer dramatic savings.

    The industrial sector accounts for the largest share of energy consumption in the United States and is the only sector in the U.S. economy where emissions are projected to grow*. A midstream program offering incentives on energy-efficient industrial equipment can provide cost-effective measures to add to a savings portfolio.

    * Data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA).



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