Midstream / Upstream HVAC & Water Heaters

By influencing the flow of goods at the distributor level and addressing the useful life of goods, our award-winning Distributor HVAC and Water Heater programs consistently  outperform  downstream programs by 900%.

We forge  relationships and trust with top manufacturers and more than 60 major distributors. The details they share with us help us to gain a deep understanding of the barriers and risks these partners face. We help design  win-win programs that make it simple (and profitable) for distributors to stock the most effective, energy-efficient products, thereby impacting 90-98% of the volume of products sold. The strong positive reputation earned amongst top manufacturing partners facilitates rapid expansion and acceptance of the programs we implement into new territories. Our success stories precede us, making it ever easier to move into new markets.

Distributors and Program Administrators deeply appreciate our implementation strategy, which incorporates real-time incentive tracking, automated reporting and large-batch submissions, which make their businesses more efficient. In a market where payment timing is counted in months, our 1-2 week validation and payment process places our services in a category apart.

Our program implementation achieves best-in-class savings with administrative ease and speed. We work closely with program administrators to define goals and tailor our application of the upstream program platform to specific needs.

Southern California Gas Company

Distributor Water Heater Program

PG&E and SCE

Distributor HVAC Program

In 2018, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Better Buildings Initiative’s Advanced Rooftop Unit (RTU) Campaign recognized Energy Solutions for our leadership. Energy Solutions developed an innovative incentive program for commercial HVAC and partnered with utilities around the country to incentivize more than 45,000 high-efficiency RTUs and other unitary HVAC systems.

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Energy Solutions is focused on creating large-scale environmental impacts by providing cost effective carbon, energy, and water management solutions.

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For more than 20 years, Energy Solutions has created reliable, market-driven strategies to protect the planet. View our qualifications.


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