Midstream Commercial Lighting & LED Accelerator

Energy Solutions’ Midstream/Upstream Lighting Programs leverage best-in-class partnerships, market leading technology, attention to market actor needs, and extensive product knowledge to deliver the most cost-effective savings possible.   

Our turnkey implementation services provide utilities with a cost-effective solution that achieves savings through targeted manufacturer or distributor incentives within the commercial lighting supply chain.  

We leverage our established, trusted relationships with distributors, manufacturers and reps to put energy saving products first and foremost in front of customers.  

We work side-by-side with our clients to implement programs that meet unique market needs and regulatory specifications.  

Though we pioneered this approach, we are continually monitoring and improving upon our program designs to maintain positive, long-term relationships with the entire market – manufacturers, reps, distributors, contractors, and end-use customers. We create our programs with market actors in mind, ensuring their continual engagement and sustained participation.   

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