Kyle Booth

Associate Director, Energy Efficiency

Kyle oversees the Engineering Shared Services for the Energy Efficiency (EE) department, organizing engineering resources within the department and standardizing processes, products, and communication for engineering services. He is responsible for the EE department’s market study and emerging technology project work, serving as the liaison between our emerging technologies programs and our EE department. He specializes in engineering management and expanding our program measure portfolio by leveraging strategic market studies and emerging technology projects for measure development. 

Kyle has supported numerous midstream program proposals and program launches and has led the EE department’s market study projects. He has been the foodservice engineering domain lead, increasing consistency across our foodservice programs and cross-promoting new measures throughout foodservice programs. Kyle has helped programs navigate state and federal appliance standards and is helping programs adapt to reduction and elimination of natural gas incentives, playing a founding role in our gas strategy team that serves to support gas utility clients through decarbonization plans. 

Kyle has over 14 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry, has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Vermont, and is a licensed Professional Engineer.