Howard Merson

Senior Fellow, Trade Ally Strategy

Howard has a strong interdisciplinary background in supply chain management, business development, operations, strategic planning, and financial management. Formally at VEIC, Howard began this phase of his career as the Strategic Planning Manager for HVAC/R for the statewide energy efficiency utility, Efficiency Vermont, in March 2012. He designed and managed an HVAC/R supply channel platform, the first of its kind for an energy efficiency program. Within three years, that platform engaged 16 distributors in 48 locations, representing 98 percent of the state’s HVAC/R distributors, and 99+ percent of Vermont market share. As part of his supply channel strategy, Howard designed a midstream incentive program, making it easier for distributors and manufacturers to promote efficient products knowledgeably for Efficiency Vermont initiatives. The midstream program now covers circulator pumps, cold-climate heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, commercial refrigeration efficient evaporator fan motors, rooftop units (RTUs), and controls. Howard has extensive experience working in wholesale distribution. He started his career with his family’s business, Southern Electric Supply. The company merged with Rexel (France) in 1986.