Daniel Cornejo

Vice President, Business Strategy

Daniel started with Energy Solutions in 2004 as a Program Manager on the California Statewide Upstream HVAC and Motors Distributor Rebate Program. Throughout his tenure, Daniel oversaw the HVAC Practice Area, which launched the nation’s first Variable Refrigerant Flow distributor offering, and the Energy Efficiency Department, which has the nation’s largest and most successful implementation track record of midstream and upstream programs. 

Now as the Vice President of the Business Strategy Department, he has the broad responsibility to oversee Energy Solutions’ current and future business strategies. Daniel uses his innovative and motivating skills to lead a cohort of teams in market development, market transformation, and the strategy to guide Energy Solutions to achieve large scale environmental impacts.  To succeed, his team is focused on the following functions: emerging technologies, decarbonization, product and product launch, policy engagement and strategic planning.