Alex MacCurdy

Associate Director, Energy Efficiency

Mr. MacCurdy has had a diverse experience working with the launch, management, and technical oversite of several Energy Solutions Programs across the country and within several technology categories. His long history of program implementation, technical leadership and work coordinating with internal groups including IS, distributor outreach, implementation and other staff has put him in a unique position to help ensure coordination throughout the company. He now helps oversee the HVAC portfolio within Energy Solution’s Energy Efficiency department. As an associate director, he helps to coordinate the launch and ongoing oversite of HVAC Programs, most recently working on upstream program launches in Detroit, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Duke. Mr. MacCurdy works as the Program Manager for Xcel Energy’s Midstream Cooling Program, which he has managed since the launch in 2015. The program has added new program measures, worked with other local municipalities to run a parallel program, and achieved steady growth and achieving goal each program year. In addition to his upstream program experience he has also worked on SCE’s Quality Renovation Program and served as an engineer on several programs working with HVAC Contractor Program Designs, Advanced Rooftop Controllers, and Automated Demand Response. Since starting at Energy Solutions, Alex has worked on the SCE HVAC Distributor Incentive Program working through many technical and management challenges as the program has adopted to new codes, regulatory changes, EM&V studies, and other challenges. Prior to joining Energy Solutions, Mr. MacCurdy received his Bachelor of Science degree from Washington University in Saint Louis.