TECH incentives are still available for HPWHs in Southern California Gas territory and for HPWHs and HP HVAC in Southwest Gas territory. Due to the higher-than-anticipated response, incentives are temporarily suspended in all other territories. Please reference our support center article, May 12 Update on Incentive Suspension, for more details about these program updates.

About the TECH Initiative

TECH Clean California is a $120 million initiative designed to help advance the state’s mission to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. This will be done by driving the market adoption of low-emissions space and water heating technologies for existing single and multifamily homes across California—a notable source of the state’s carbon footprint. Additionally, 40% of program benefits will be targeted towards low-income and disadvantaged communities. The initiative was developed as part of California Senate Bill 1477 and is funded by California gas corporation ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

Key Activities:

  • Provide comprehensive guidance on product incentives, pilots, workforce development and training opportunities and local and state policies that impact the market.
  • Expand the reach of consumer awareness campaign, The Switch is On, in markets with TECH initiatives in place.
  • Develop custom messaging and outreach for low-income customers and disadvantaged communities through low-income facilitators and CBOs.
  • Collect and publish sales data, energy and GHG impacts to inform California’s long-term decarbonization strategy.

Additional Links & Resources

TECH Partner Flyer: Learn more about how you can help shape the TECH initiative.

June 29, 2022 Stakeholder Meeting:
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March 22, 2022 Stakeholder Meeting:
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Dec.15, 2021 Stakeholder Meeting:
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Aug. 12, 2021 Stakeholder Meeting:
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Matched Incentive Funding and the Incentive Clearinghouse

TECH Clean California provides matched funding to add upon clean heating incentives for utility, initiative administrator, and third-party funder incentives. All TECH matching incentives are provided at the contractor level (regardless of where the base program incentive is provided). TECH hosts a centralized incentive platform to make it easy for customers to find trade allies, and for market and trade ally partners to find incentives and submit a single application for all eligible programs.

Quick Start Grants, Regional Pilots, and Financing

TECH will jumpstart large scale opportunities and address barriers to adoption.

Quick Start Grants: Leverage large scale installation opportunities that accelerate deployment of heat pumps and strategically important installations that will help scale adoption.

Regional Pilots:

  • Permit Streamlining
  • Strategic Customer Targeting,
  • Tariffed on Bill (TOB) financing
  • Low-Income Fuel Switching
  • Multi-Family portfolio projects
  • HPWH load shifting readiness

Financing: Support access to low-interest financing by helping to expand REEL and Affordable Multifamily Financing (AMF).

Workforce Training and Development

TECH will offer workforce education and training through a centralized hub that can stand alone or be coordinated with existing programs. TECH will:

  • Collaborate with manufacturers, distributors, utilities and existing contractor trainers to expand and promote their heat pump and heat pump water heater trainings.
  • Introduce and conduct training on “how to sell electrification.”
  • Provide hands-on support for contractors who serve and hire from low-income communities. Help them gain the licenses to complete projects, and help grow their workforce to support an expanding industry.
  • Support multifamily property owners, engineers, and contractors with three levels of training – benefits of electrification, design and specification, and product training. It will also provide pre-installation analysis and post-installation monitoring.
  • Distribute free HPWHs to engaged contractors to give them first-hand experience of living with heat pump technology. This personal experience will enhance the customer sales process.


Remaining Funding Allocation for TECH Clean California General Incentives

 Total Incentives Paid ($)Total Paid + In Process ($)Reserved Funds (Total Paid + In Process + Unsubmitted) ($)Allocated Incentive Budget ($)Non-Reserved Budget Remaining ($)% of Budget Remaining
Single Family HPWH & HP HVAC23,578,45029,265,85136,561,85137,935,7891,373,9383.6%
Southern California Gas Territory HPWH Incentives281,550343,750430,7501,500,0001,069,25071.3%
Southern California Gas Territory HP HVAC IncentivesSuspended - All Incentives Reserved ($15,181,806)
Pacific Gas & Electric TerritorySuspended - All Incentives Reserved ($15,407,140)
San Diego Gas & Electric TerritorySuspended - All Incentives Reserved ($5,390,442)
Southwest Gas Territory87,211127,713151,712456,400304,68866.8%
Multifamily HPWH & HP HVAC74,70011,450,50013,037,40013,233,000195,6001.5%
Southern California Gas TerritorySuspended - All Incentives Reserved ($7,144,200)
Pacific Gas & Electric TerritorySuspended - All Incentives Reserved ($9,600,600)
San Diego Gas & Electric TerritorySuspended - All Incentives Reserved ($1,304,720)
Southwest Gas Territory---195,600195,600100%
Last updated: 08/08/22


For information about how you can participate, or if you have questions, contact us at

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