Permitting Pilot

What is the TECH Permitting Pilot?

The TECH Permitting Pilot will complement and support efforts already under way to identify best practices and understand the needs of residential heat pump conversion projects. Partnering with the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) and other parties, the pilot’s goals are to:

    1. Simplify the permitting process for heat pump projects
    2. Develop a single-day permit for heat pump water heater conversions
    3. Train building departments on heat pump best practices

The Pilot’s Stakeholder Group will collect, prioritize, and vet potential strategies to meet these goals. Stakeholders that are building department staff will be invited to join a smaller Working Group to design and implement a single-day heat pump water heater permit process.

Permitting Pilot Stakeholder Group

Any industry stakeholder is invited to join the Permitting Pilot Stakeholder Group. This group will work collaboratively to:

    1. Identify critical permit issues for residential heat pump conversion projects
    2. Prioritize suggested tools and resources to address critical issues
    3. Review draft resources for technical accuracy, alignment with permit applicant needs, and building department practices

Permitting Pilot Working Group

Building department stakeholders are also invited to join the Permitting Pilot Working Group. Made up of local government staff, this group will further refine and vet identified resources to ensure alignment with building department practices and processes.

Working group members will also be recruited to adopt and test applicable resources in their permitting practices—specifically, a single-day permit process for heat pump conversion projects for existing single-family homes.

Permitting Pilot Group Activities and Timeline

Meeting Date and GroupActivities
September 30, 2021
Full Stakeholder Group
Prioritizing Resources – Session #1:
Clarify roles of Stakeholder Group vs. Working Group; surface known issues and needs
December 9, 2021
Working Group only
Prioritizing Resources - Session #2:
Narrow priority permitting needs; outline of draft resource/approaches
Support to Implement - Session #1:
What supports do jurisdictions need to adopt?
January 27, 2022
Working Group only
Review Draft Resources - Session #1:
Alignment with needs; technical and usability feedback
Support to Implement - Session #2:
Discuss partner recruitment and implementation map/path
March 24, 2022
Full Stakeholder Group
Review Draft Resources - Session #2:
Review "final drafts" of initial resources; establish approach for sharing
Support to Implement - Session #3:
Partner recruitment update; discuss data sharing opportunities and realities
Local Agency Implementation and Technical Support – Process TBD. Target for adoption: End of Q1 2022
June 2022Update on implementation activities; assess new needs beyond initial resources
March 2023
(Meeting or by email)
Update on resources and implementation; circulate draft implementation report

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Meeting Resources

March 24, 2022
Permitting Pilot Working Group Session:

Jan. 27, 2022
Permitting Pilot Working Group Session:

Dec. 9, 2021
Permitting Pilot Working Group Session:

Sep. 30, 2021
Permitting Pilot Stakeholder Group Meeting: