TECH Clean California incentives are available statewide as of December 7, 2021. Enrolled contractors installing Heat Pump HVAC systems and Heat Pump Water Heaters can earn at least $3,000 per installation, with opportunities to earn up to $6,600 in select regions where utilities have partnered with TECH Clean California.

This page details where incentives are currently available, qualifying equipment, incentive rates, and signing up to be eligible to receive incentives.

If you’re a customer and want to find a TECH Clean California Participating Contractor, visit The Switch Is On’s contractor directory.

Overview of Incentives:
General Measures Table Flyer

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Eligible ZIP Codes List

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Eligible ZIP Codes List

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Eligible ZIP Codes List

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Incentive Rates


For single-family, earn $3,000 for any HP HVAC installation, and $3,100 or $1,000 for any HPWH installation—depending on gas or electric replacement, respectively. For both HP HVAC systems and HPWHs, you can earn up to $6,600 per unit in “enhanced” regions. In enhanced regions, local utilities have integrated with TECH Clean California and therefore contractors can earn higher incentives for singlefamily installations as compared to the other “baseline” regions throughout the state. In order to receive the full incentive amount in an enhanced region, you will also need to enroll and participate in the integrated program. For more details on single-family incentive amounts, see the General Measure Tables Flyer linked above.


Multifamily projects are eligible for a flat rate anywhere in TECH Clean California territory. For information on multifamily incentive amounts, see the General Measure Tables Flyer linked above. Visit our Multifamily page for more information about TECH multifamily initiatives.

Customer Qualification

TECH Clean California incentives are available for any projects that fall within gas Investor-Owned Utility (IOU) service territory. The gas IOUs within California include Pacific Gas & Electric (“PG&E”), Southern California Gas (“SoCal Gas”), San Diego Gas & Electric (“SDG&E”), Southwest Gas (“SW Gas”).

Project sites do not have to be gas or electric IOU customers to be eligible for incentives—TECH Clean California incentive eligibility is determined solely by the project site’s zip code. However, customers located in the cities of Long Beach, Catalina Island, and Palo Alto are not eligible for incentives even if their zip codes are included on the list of eligible zip codes. All references to electric service territories are provided for general location information.

This map and the zip code lists above show which regions throughout the state are eligible for baseline or enhanced TECH incentives. See the General Measures Tables Flyer above for more information on the amounts available for baseline and enhanced regions.

These maps provide a high-level visual of regions with enhanced versus baseline incentive levels. Please refer to the Eligible Zip Codes lists above to confirm the incentive levels available for any particular zip code, city, or county.

Qualifying Products List

TECH Clean California incentives are currently available for the following product types:

See incentive flyer above for equipment qualification details. Additional lists will be uploaded here soon. In the meantime, please reach out to if you would like to confirm a project’s eligibility.

How to Participate

Ready to Participate?

Download the Trade Professional Participation Agreement and email your filled form to You will then be contacted by program staff to complete enrollment. Once enrolled, you’ll receive a username and password to the incentive application submission portal at

Contractor enrollment requirements include 1) active California contractor license in good standing, 2) adherence to the requirements outlined in the Trade Professional Participation Agreement including insurance coverage, and 3) brief program training completion.

Undecided about whether to participate?

Contact for support.



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