Are you connected to the IoT world of possibilities?

PEDP evaluates energy data in new ways. It’s a membership collaborative and rapid validation framework focused on unlocking the untapped value—both energy and non-energy—of connected devices as they progress.

PEDP closes the gap between utilities and industry and uniquely leverages the Smart Devices Maturity Lifecycle to anticipate how connected devices will evolve to create added business value.

Smart Devices Maturity Lifecycle

The program framework is based on the Smart Devices Maturity Lifecycle (SDML), which outlines a predictable progression for the evolution of products as they become more connected and 'smarter'. As capabilities mature, the opportunities to unlock tremendous new business value grow.


Powerful partnerships aligned with a focused validation framework can transform the market

  • Rapid IoT Validation
  • Quantify Savings
  • Best Practices
  • Collaborate in Real-Time
  • Impact Processes
  • Mature Framework
  • New IoT Services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Share Results

PEDP is led by a collaborative of diverse members that will enable a rapid validation and quantification program, discover new business value opportunities, crystalize standardization of data, define new processes, and develop new potential services to delight customers.

I am a ...

    I need to accelerate the market adoption of my products and services.

    A huge market exists for connected devices, but lack of quantified value, high upfront cost, and uncertainty around the technology serve as barriers to accelerating sales.

    Through PEDP:

    • Clarify your value propositions
    • Influence data sharing best practices
    • Influence standards
    • Identify and validate new value-added services
    I need to prepare for a world of connected devices.

    Connected devices, and the valuable data they can provide, can expedite validation timelines, inform innovative new program designs, increase efficiencies in Evaluation, Measurement & Verification and lead to valuable new services.

    Through PEDP:

    • Embrace IoT opportunities
    • Compress program cycles
    • Quantify more savings
    • Enable new energy benefits and services
    I need to maximize the performance of my facility.

    Connected devices may lead to enhanced occupant satisfaction and performance, reduce maintenance costs, and increase property value, but these opportunities are largely unverified and unquantified.

    Through PEDP:

    • Identify valuable solutions for building needs
    • Discover new benefits through connected devices
    • Voice your needs and requirements
    • Rapidly assess new business value opportunities through strategic partnerships
    and my small firm needs a clear path into the global IoT marketplace.

    Scaling value-added products and services can be difficult without the support of strategic partnerships.

    Through PEDP:

    • Gain insight into the data-driven IoT ecosystem
    • Identify opportunities in the emerging utility 'as-a-service' space
    • Verify technology viability and scalability
    • Increase visibility to utilities, prospective industry partners, and building owners
  • LAB
    and I need to broaden my market impact through new services.

    Connected devices create a need to understand data sharing requirements and concerns from different perspectives, and develop policies and programs to better promote the vision of open data sharing and transform the service market.

    Through PEDP:

    • Influence emerging testing and certification processes and practices
    • Identify and fill technology gaps
    • Promote open data sharing practices
    • Investigate new lab services
    • Widen impacts beyond traditional energy efficiency
Membership Levels

For building owners/operators who provide 'in situ' spaces for validation activities. Members may help lead PEDP vision, drive validation activities, and gain full access to results.

Innovation Partners

Limited to start-ups (<$1m revenue) who wish to partner in validation activities with their products/services and gain full access to results.

Resource Partners

Targeted at labs who would like to support validation activities with domain expertise and leverage results. In-kind labor in lieu of Dues.

Collaborative Team Membership

This level is open for all members wishing to drive validation activities and have full access to results.

Steering Team Membership

This level is open for members who want to have a 'seat at the table' to lead PEDP vision in addition to driving validation activities while also having full access to all results.

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