Whole House De-Carbonization

By removing project hurdles, we can encourage more consumers to adopt carbon neutral improvements in their homes. That’s why we developed Whole House De-Carbonization, powered by Manage Your Power® and TradePro Connect™.

With Whole House De-Carbonization You’ll Get:

Intuitive, easy to use, online and mobile tools that can be customized to your brand standards.

Users create one profile guided by a mobile-compatible survey, upload photos, and get bids without having to schedule multiple site visits.

Automated satisfaction surveys so you can monitor service quality and customer satisfaction.

Standardized data collection and customer insights.

One-stop access to a network of qualified contractors across multiple trades.

Program partners can leverage the up-close view of contractors powered by TradePro Connect™ to:

  • Easily document and track pre-site conditions for carbon-neutral programs
  • Identify “upsell” opportunities to upgrade to full house low or no carbon emissions
  • Get full project documentation from service providers through customizable
    closeout surveys
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through streamlined and rapid rebate
    application processing

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